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FeliciaLee on Playing Limit Omaha/8 Online

Posted by pmpoker on March 30, 2006

FeliciaLee writes on how the games are so soft online that she changes her style to what she believes is a low-variance, guaranteed profit method which she wouldn’t play at a tougher table.


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Thoughts on Draw Poker

Posted by pmpoker on March 30, 2006

This thread has some interesting thoughts on different structures for five-card draw poker (jacks-or-better to open, blinds or not, the bug) and why they are or are not used in some places. Some of the enlightening responses are by one of my favorite poker authors and RGP posters, Gary Carson.

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Betting the River in Pot-Limit Omaha

Posted by pmpoker on March 27, 2006

From the 2+2 archive,
a pot-limit omaha question with a reply from Greg Raymer.With J987 in late position in a limped pot, a player raised a flop of J75 after a good player in early position bet. The good player check-called the turn 7 and checked the irrelevant river. The poster wonders what to do.

It's interesting to see how players differ on what to do. One person suggests folding the flop. I disagree, since that is clearly a playable hand pre-flop and it's one of the better flops for your hand.

I like Raymer's reply the best. He doesn't advocate betting pot. Although he doesn't say it, I think a good player might get away from 55 or 75 against a pot bet if you're pretty tight on the river, but may pay off something smaller.

I also like that Raymer brings up psychology and the need to play for future hands.

However, for psychological reasons, I'd rather bet. I don't want people in a pot-limit Omaha game to think that I'm scared to bet the 2nd nut full-house on the river, or they'll try to run me out of the pot everytime a scare card comes on the river (and how often is the river not a scare card in Omaha?).

The same could be said of sometimes betting the non-nut flush on the river. In a game like Omaha, omaha/8, or seven card stud, where a player's hand value often changes dramatically with the last card, river play and knowing your opponent's standards for a bet and a raise are more important than mild variations in early street play.

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Ray Zee on Hold Em Players Shifting to Omaha 8

Posted by pmpoker on March 22, 2006

From the 2+2 archives:

“Most players will go too far with big pairs and small sets.”
This squares with my perception.  Anytime some raises with QQxx pre-flop, I mark that player down as a probable live one (not that it is always wrong to raise with that hand, depending on what the xx is, of course).  You’ll make a ton of money off the guys who can’t lay down AA when you make a low and back into two pair.

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Mike Cunningham plays HOSE

Posted by pmpoker on March 21, 2006

Mike Cunningham plays a HOSE tournament. Nice trip report. He also plays a little stud/8 with Norman Chad.

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Negreanu in the Big Game

Posted by pmpoker on March 20, 2006

Daniel Negreanu writes about playing a mixed game at the Bellagio. After little success at that silly game called hold em online, he heads down to the casino to play the 4K/8K game. Highlights include hands from pot-limit omaha, 2-7 no limit, and omaha/8.

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Is Stud Worth Learning?

Posted by pmpoker on March 14, 2006

Over in the 2+2 archives is this discussion of whether or not it is worthwhile to learn seven card stud. Back in 1997, Mason Malmuth predicted that seven card stud would never die out like draw poker, but that hold em would come to dominate low and middle limits.

Malmuth later says that you are better of playing hold em if you can’t beat $15/$30 stud. It has been said that 15/30 hold em live is much softer than 15/30 online. I wonder what limit is the online equivalent of 15/30 stud.

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Pot-Limit Omaha in the WPBT

Posted by pmpoker on March 10, 2006

Biggestron announces the first event in the WPBT Circuit. And it’s not hold em.

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HOE Champion

Posted by pmpoker on March 10, 2006

Jodi writes about being forced to play a HOE tournament at ATLARGE

Yadda, yadda, yadda, she won.

“My basic strategy in Stud early on was to fold almost every hand except the ones I was 100% sure were playable, pinpoint the players at my table who seemed to understand the game, and watch them play theirs.”

That seems pretty fair to me since “tight is right” is generally a good mindset for playing stud games.

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Steeler Plays a HU Omaha SNG

Posted by pmpoker on March 8, 2006


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