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I Likey-likey HORSE

Posted by pmpoker on March 3, 2006

ToddCommish thinks HORSE is a wonderful thing because players are clueless.

I suppose I have some strategies in each segment, but it really comes down to ABC poker. The reason I’m winning is that most people barely have the A part down for the Razz and Stud portions of the game. Since those are 60% of the games and it seems like the endgames fall into these sections, basic knowledge of stud fundamentals is enough to close the deal.

This squares with my experience. It’s just a matter of ducking the players who call down with a gutshot or brick their low on fourth and fifth but chase.

I’ve had to bring-in with a door Jack and had everyone fold their antes to me. Ummm, I have the worst card on board and you’re folding?! All of you?! Now I know I’m not a poker expert by any means, but isn’t there a concept called “bluffing”? At the tables I’ve played, the bring-in folds to the completer 75% of the time, and surrenders without a fight. I tag these players immediately and as the table dwindles down, I steal their bring-in’s mercilessly.

Where are these people? I usually get jokers who over-defend their bring-ins or who call behind me with any low card showing hoping to bluff me on fourth if I catch bad.

My HORSE plan is fairly easy. Play tight in (grr) hold em and don’t bluff as much because my main goal is to not go broke in hold em. Play omaha/8 a lot more passive than I would in a cash game, mainly by not capping my strong draws. Play razz, stud, and stud/8 fairly aggressively because most players don’t have a clue.


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