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Betting the River in Pot-Limit Omaha

Posted by pmpoker on March 27, 2006

From the 2+2 archive,
a pot-limit omaha question with a reply from Greg Raymer.With J987 in late position in a limped pot, a player raised a flop of J75 after a good player in early position bet. The good player check-called the turn 7 and checked the irrelevant river. The poster wonders what to do.

It's interesting to see how players differ on what to do. One person suggests folding the flop. I disagree, since that is clearly a playable hand pre-flop and it's one of the better flops for your hand.

I like Raymer's reply the best. He doesn't advocate betting pot. Although he doesn't say it, I think a good player might get away from 55 or 75 against a pot bet if you're pretty tight on the river, but may pay off something smaller.

I also like that Raymer brings up psychology and the need to play for future hands.

However, for psychological reasons, I'd rather bet. I don't want people in a pot-limit Omaha game to think that I'm scared to bet the 2nd nut full-house on the river, or they'll try to run me out of the pot everytime a scare card comes on the river (and how often is the river not a scare card in Omaha?).

The same could be said of sometimes betting the non-nut flush on the river. In a game like Omaha, omaha/8, or seven card stud, where a player's hand value often changes dramatically with the last card, river play and knowing your opponent's standards for a bet and a raise are more important than mild variations in early street play.


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