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The Poker Player I Aspire to Be

Posted by pmpoker on April 14, 2006

From The 2+2 Gambling Forum February 1998 Archive Digest, a post by JimmyR

This is they key: In the higher limits the better players are very astute at ascertaining when you are out of line and when you are not. How they do this is a mystery suffice it to say that a combination of experience and card savvy allows them to make what appear to be some very strange plays. The average player may make some of these plays by simply reading, studying and concentrating very deeply when they are playing, watching every hand and learning their opponents habbits while they are waiting for a hand. Every once in a while a situation will develop that calls for a raise or re-raise without much of hand becaue of something you have observed. Yet, if you are not alert, or don’t have the “nerve” to make these types of moves you will be costing yourself some money at the bottom line.

Sometimes, but only sometimes, I’ve made this sort of connection. I don’t have the hand history, but I remember a hand on fifth street where I had a scary board, but only a pair of threes. I bet out, and a trash-talking player who had no respect for me raised. A third player cold-called. Something just didn’t feel right, so I three-bet. Or maybe I was on tilt because this player kept playing back at me and outdrawing me, but I felt he was just trying to represent that he had hit his overpair out. Both players folded. It’s a good thing this was online, because they couldn’t see me do the happy dance.


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