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A Pineapple Question

Posted by pmpoker on April 24, 2006

Over at PokerStage, Falstaff asks if he made the right play in breaking going with KT with the open-ended straight draw and backdoor flush draw on a KQJ flop with two clubs when he held KJT.

My reply:

The only resource I know for Pineapple (albeit for high-low) is the satirical yet useful Crazy Pineapple for Advanced Players by Jerrod Ankenman.

Bsed on what I have read, I think that breaking your made hand to draw is incorrect, but would have been correct if you are raised. Your opponent may be slowplaying, but may be drawing to a hand like K9 or Q9 or JT. Also consider that, if you make a straight, you are less likely to get paid off unless your opponent has the same hand, so you are better off hoping to make a boat if your opponent makes trips or is slowplaying a flopped flush or hoping that your opponent makes a worse two pair.


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