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From the 2+2 Archives: Ray Zee on the Difference Between Seven Card Stud Ring Games and Tournaments

Posted by pmpoker on July 24, 2006

Ray Zee says:

The biggest difference in 7 stud tournaments from ring games is that in tournaments less hands go to the river. Since most pots are won very early stealing antes and small pots are crucial to coming in the money. Tournaments are a great way to learn and are profitable due to the large number of bad players that enter tournaments trying for a shot at the big money for a small investment

Ray Zee also says about stud/8 tournaments vs ring games:

In 7 hi/lo 8 or better, low hands win the most money as high hands too often fold incorrectly when scare cards come. All low hands have scoop potenial as two pair is the hand that scoops most often heads-up. In tournaments you win the most chips by running off your opponents as they tend to protect their chips way too much.


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