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Loose Games vs Not-So-Loose Games

Posted by pmpoker on September 22, 2006

Ray Zee from the 2+2 archives

When a poker game is mostly showdown hand selection is most critical as the hands with the best chances of making the winner will be the most profitable ones to play. When the game gets tighter and pots are won without showing down poker becomes a game of people playing, and skill throughout the hand becomes the determining factor of how much and if you win.

Zee is replying to a question about Omaha/8, but the concept is valid for all poker games.


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Mark Gritter Analyzes 2-7 NL

Posted by pmpoker on September 15, 2006

Mark Gritter analyzes the spot in which you are all-in with a rough jack against a pat hand.

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Mark Gritter poses a Razz 3rd street question

Posted by pmpoker on September 13, 2006

He asks:

5/10 razz with a 50 cent ante. You have A64 to the immediate right of the bringin (a 9). A 7 calls, a 3 raises, another 3 and 7 fold, a third 7 calls, a 9 folds, and you finally get to act.

To summarize: 2 players already in for a full bet, one limper yet to act behind you, and 337779 dead.

I don’t think this can possibly merit a reraise. But is it worth calling, or should this hand be folded?

I reply:

It might merit a reraise if the 3 is the sort who perceives a limp as weak and raises a lot with hands like (23)3 or (95)3. I would generally just call, though, since I get the benefit of deception and a chance to jam vs a player who bricks on fourth and is caught between.

It seems definitely worth a call, especially since a 7 acting behind you can’t reasonably reraise.

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Suited Aces in Omaha

Posted by pmpoker on September 8, 2006

Over in RGP, assassin asks:

Is it generally better to call with Ace -any suited with any two cards when
there are three callers before me in the pot. Or I might better off to throw it
away. I know all the it depends answers. I am talking in a general term.

Dear God, no. You are just playing two of your cards here. I throw away hands like A2s with 9-7 unsuited side cards even for half a bet in the small blind. Playing hands with any suited ace and playing any double-suited hand are the two biggest leaks in pre-flop hand selection that I see in pot-limit omaha.

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Getting Reraised When Stealing in Razz

Posted by pmpoker on September 6, 2006

Mark Gritter does some math on the subject.

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Mark Tenner on Internet Radio

Posted by pmpoker on September 6, 2006

Omaha/8 specialist Mark Tenner will be appearing on Lou Krieger‘s internet radio show Thursday at 9pm EST.

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