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Mark Gritter poses a Razz 3rd street question

Posted by pmpoker on September 13, 2006

He asks:

5/10 razz with a 50 cent ante. You have A64 to the immediate right of the bringin (a 9). A 7 calls, a 3 raises, another 3 and 7 fold, a third 7 calls, a 9 folds, and you finally get to act.

To summarize: 2 players already in for a full bet, one limper yet to act behind you, and 337779 dead.

I don’t think this can possibly merit a reraise. But is it worth calling, or should this hand be folded?

I reply:

It might merit a reraise if the 3 is the sort who perceives a limp as weak and raises a lot with hands like (23)3 or (95)3. I would generally just call, though, since I get the benefit of deception and a chance to jam vs a player who bricks on fourth and is caught between.

It seems definitely worth a call, especially since a 7 acting behind you can’t reasonably reraise.


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