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Some Observations About Limit Omaha High

Posted by pmpoker on October 12, 2006

From the 2+2 Archives:

Louis Landale offers this advice:

Inexperience Omahaha players, such as myself, should play the nuts. The problem is the non-brain-dead opponents will notice and give little action.

The half-Holdem half-Omahaha game offers a valid strategy in that you could play Holdem assertively, routinely betting and raising in the marginal situations. Many opponents will NOT notice the “nut” nature of your Omahaha game and you can get a bunch of unwarrented action.

In a tight game you could reverse it, failing to bluff in the obvious Holdem situations and then stealing them silly in Omahaha.

There is probably some merit to this idea. There is value in being perceived as looser than you are when you are a tight player. I would suggest that you still stick to reasonably tight starting hand requirements, but that specifically your raises be a lot thinner on the flop, where bets are cheaper, if you want success with this strategy. Then don’t be shy about hoping to catch someone overplaying the non-nut flush or bottom set when you make the nuts in omaha.


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