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Some Players Hate the Short-Stack PLO Strategy

Posted by pmpoker on December 15, 2006

See this 2+2 thread titled “I hate rolf slotboom”, referring to the author of a recent omaha book.

Some players really, really hate it.


3 Responses to “Some Players Hate the Short-Stack PLO Strategy”

  1. I am constantly amazed at the amount of nittiness that short-stack buyins evoke.

    It’s just as bad as “those darn kids and their preflop raises ruining the game” or “this is a friendly game, we don’t check-raise.” WTF? Somebody found a strategy that lowers your EV? Amazing!

  2. Tayla and Shimona said

    WE LOVE SHORT STACK……A B S (l) LOOL Andy Clemmensen…….Bradie Webb……..Shaun Diviney AHHH SEXYYY MUCH!! YES

  3. Click Here said

    Click Here…

    […]Some Players Hate the Short-Stack PLO Strategy « Anything But Hold Em[…]…

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