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Mason Malmuth on Point Count Systems for Omaha/8

Posted by pmpoker on December 28, 2006

From the 2+2 forums:

[I]n my book POKER ESSAYS, VOLUME II one of the essays is called “A Note on Starting Omamha Hands.” In it I conclude that these point counts have essentially no value for Omaha eight or better.

I haven’t read Malmuth’s Poker Essays books, mainly because I only buy books when browsing in brick and mortar bookstores in an attempt to rein in my book spending. I did once get a chance to leaf through one of them and did like what I saw.

In Omaha eight or better, I find that my starting hand requirements are based mainly on position and the quality of my opponents. Some hands are worth an isolation three-bet if the table respects my three-bets, but not worth playing in what shapes up to be a multi-way raised pot. There are hands worth limping in with on the button which I would toss UTG.

Point count systems may have a modest value in keeping a newbie from playing too many hands while learning the game, but are otherwise fairly worthless.


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