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Chris Fargis Gives Up On Razz

Posted by pmpoker on December 29, 2006

Twenty-One Outs Twice: Happy Holidays

I think I’ve given up on razz, at least for a while. I ran well when I started playing but I don’t think I’m really any good. I make undisciplned calls on early streets when the pot is small and I know I have the worst hand. I open too loose and don’t fold when I get reraised. All of this means that I end up in a lot of hands where I’m drawing dead or slim and a lot of hands where I have the best hand but am only a 60/40 or so favorite. This is not good.

I also don’t fully understand some principles about the game. I played this one hand where we were four handed on fourth street. I had four to a 98, David Grey had four to a 7, and two guys who started with three low cards had caught paint. I jammed the pot because I thought the presence of the two guys who caught bad made me less than a 3-1 dog. After David made a 7 on fifth street and I paid him with a 9, he made a comment in the chat about how bad the play in the game was. I made some retort and he said, “I probably should’t tell you this, but you had the worst hand of the four of us.” I ran the numbers and he was right. Boy did I feel like an idiot. So no more razz for now.

The bad play that Fargis admits to following is a fairly common style that I see. It’s frustrating when the fish runs well, but if you stay focused and don’t make the same mistakes, you will come out ahead. One thing to do against these players is to consider keeping the pot small in the beginning to magnify the mistakes they make.

Mis-estimating hand values in multiway pots is a common mistake I see in stud variants (stud high, stud/8, razz, etc). It’s not just playing on when they should fold. Some players bet when they should check, raise when they should call, and call when they should raise.


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