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A Blast From the Past

Posted by pmpoker on January 23, 2007

Hmm…this name sounds familiar

Posted by: Erik Sagstr�m
Posted on: Saturday, 24 April 1999, at 7:36 p.m.

Im new to poker and surfing the net and usenet for information around poker I�ve read articles at card player and poker digest for some time and just recived my first books on poker. Now I wonder which is the “right” order to read poker books?? For example two of the books I`ve recived were hold�m by sklansky and theory of poker which one should I read first and does it really matter?? I not totaly new I play in some home games and at IRC from time to time Thanks ; -Erik Sagstr�m native language not english

I wonder if he still uses that email.


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Sklansky On Sklansky

Posted by pmpoker on January 12, 2007

A fairly interesting thread over at 2+2 as David Sklansky’s kid Mat opens up the floor to questions.

Some interesting comments:

One of the reasons I fail to maintain focus while playing poker is that I find myself feeling bad for those losing. I believe that to truly enjoy poker and many other games, one must not only enjoy winning, but also enjoy seeing others lose.

When it comes to thinking rationally or poker, he’s tough. When it comes to everything else, you have to understand, he’s like a fifteen year old kid. In our interactions, I’m much more likely to be the one criticizing.

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