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An Omaha Tournament Hand

Posted by pmpoker on February 1, 2007

Jason Kirk asks about a tournament spot in a PLO tournament. He limped with Kd-Jd-Tc-3s in middle position and bet the flop of Qd-9d-2h and the turn Ks (all-in) before losing to a flush on the river.

Preflop is probably a mistake, but it is not a huge mistake and the table composition of players who are loose and passive preflop makes it not as bad as it could be, although it is still a hand out of position. The flop and turn is correct. That’s the sort of flop you are hoping for with your hand. You should probably prefer it to top two pair in a multiway pot.

By the way, I think that the villain in this hand, who flopped top pair plus the nut flush draw, probably made a mistake by not pushing all-in on the flop.


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