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When Did Stud Hi-Lo Add a Qualifier?

Posted by pmpoker on February 28, 2007

In the 2+2 archives, Jason asks a question that I’ve always wondered about: when did stud hi-lo add the 8 qualifier, and why was an 8 chosen.

Ray Zee responds:

once the people that played for high dried up the game was over. it also only takes a few times for someone to show kkk wired and fold for the bring in to convince everyone but those that want to just play tight that its no longer a game. any game that allows players to sit and only play giant hands is doomed. when the qualifier was put in (late 70’s) a whole new world of action developed. i dont know the exact reason why it was 8 and not 7or9 but ive played all three and 8 gave the best mix. seven was too hard to make a low and 9 was too easy and made it harder to read hands.

What I really want to know is what inspired someone to put in a qualifier. Can anyone claim to have invented stud hi-lo with a qualifier? Was it analogous to another game? What came first, Omaha/8 or stud/8?


One Response to “When Did Stud Hi-Lo Add a Qualifier?”

  1. Hey man thanks for the impute I’ll def add you to bloglines and read some of your site when I get some down time. Ive def wanted to read about all other forms of poker other then holdem and this looks like the place to do it. I’m sure i’ll talk to you later and i def plan on adding non holdem article on my site for this new thing I’m starting so I could def use ur help in figure out which ones those are.


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