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WPBT Event #2 Pot-Limit Omaha Round-Up

Posted by pmpoker on February 28, 2007

Biggestron has the WPBT 2007 standings updated through event #2.

In general, most bloggers seem to be saying that they hate pot-limit omaha or are not good at it or some other variatation on PLO not being their game. I play PLO cash games more often than I do NLHE. I think that this tournament was hurt by not being double-stacked, the way that most PLO tournaments are on Full Tilt. You basically have to choose your spot and try to get it all-in preflop or on the flop when you decide to go. My strategy going in was to play somewhat weak-tight at the outset, getting involved in few pots, trying to get in for a limp, and playing a bit passive until I could get a read on my opponents. With a larger starting stack size, I would gamble a bit more and see more flops. Of course, I also got zero cards at the outset.

I ended up finishing sixth in what I think was my first WPBT tournament. I got knocked out on the turn with an overpair and a gutshot vs top two pair. I had KK9x in the big blind in a raised pot. The flop came a raggy Jxx. I check-called, planning to get it all in on the turn unless it was a jack or an ace. The turn came a queen, my opponent had AQJT or something similar, and I didn’t improve. I can’t remember if I check-raised or bet out on the turn. My hand was too good to fold against a possible steal, but I didn’t really like pushing pre-flop. In my mind, I am debating whether or not I made the correct decision to delay my raise until the turn. I think that my opponent doesn’t fold to a check-raise with top pair and two overcards on the flop, so I think that I save some money by waiting for a safe card.

Here are some posts on the tournament by other bloggers. A few bloggers out there don’t have RSS feeds enabled, so I’m sorry, but I’m just not reading you.

-Mattazuma admits to getting lucky and being hit with the deck in his win.
-Runner-up Schaubs also admitted to being inexperienced.
-Third-place Columbo followed a sound basic strategy on the way to cashing.
-Don Morris finished 9th despite noting that he would ” rather listen to K-Fed on infinite repeat than play PLO.”
-Fishy McDonk lived up to his name, writing “I ended up being way too fishy and crippling myself early.”
-PokahDave thinks that he committed the cardinal sin in PLO. (I disagree somewhat. It is less of a sin in tournaments, depending on stack size.)


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