Anything But Hold Em

There\’s More to Poker Than Texas Hold Em

Low Limit Stud

Posted by pmpoker on March 6, 2007

From the 2+2 archives some discussion on playing low limit stud,.

Ray Zee has an important point, that if there are many loose players, as is normal in low limit games, they act as additional antes that make hands more playable.

Vince Lepore suggests that you want to play less aggressively in these games (and Zee says that trapping is important). One reason is that these games often have a small or no ante structure. You want to be able to get in cheap for just the bring-in with a lot of hands with big pot potential, then you want to work at building the big pots that can be won with those hands.

Overall, there are two strategies. A tighter one with smaller wins, but fewer losses, and a looser one that has more swings. The former is interested in making sets while the later is more interested in jamming with draws.


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