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Fishy McDonk’s Razz Tournament Strategy

Posted by pmpoker on March 16, 2007

Fishy McDonk has a Razz MTT Strategy Post,

While I can’t say that I agree with everything written (for example, I disagree with “usually” calling a bet on fourth when you brick), I think that most players I see would benefit from reading this.

Part of the play here has to do with understanding how to play in multi-way pots against loose players. This is one situation where weak-tight is fairly close to correct strategy. If people are limping in with face cards showing, you should still raise to punish those players, but if you are in a spot where the playability of your hand changes greatly depending upon what you catch on fourth street, you should consider waiting until fourth or later to put get raises in.

In razz tournaments, I will ram and jam if there is a maniac who is just giving away money, and you should, too, because you’re not going to get a better spot for racking up chips. But if your opponents are more sedate, you should consider waiting a bit before you push your good hands hard, so you can see what type of player you are up against. Sometimes, you catch hands where you have no choice but to bet. Other times,

One important consideration in tournament strategy is that you should avoid some of the marginal +EV spots that you would play in a cash game. I’m not a big fan of defending your bring-in in razz, although there are some opponents against whom you can consider it, but to whatever extent that you do make that play, you should do it less in a tournament than in a cash game. Sure, your opponents may be stealing more, but it’s going to hurt you a lot more in a tournament those times that you keep catching just enough to stay in vs. a player who actually has a hand.


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