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Pot Limit vs Limit Omaha/8

Posted by pmpoker on March 21, 2007

Over at Nickelanddimes, Drizztdj has problems with limit omaha/8. My problem is reversed. I can’t make sense of PLO8, but have no problem understanding LO8. I have the same problem in (bah) hold em, where I have a better understanding of limit.


2 Responses to “Pot Limit vs Limit Omaha/8”

  1. drizztdj said

    PL is much more about controlling the pot size and making those behind feel they have to put their money in while behind.

    Also, quartering is a big part of making money in PL as my profits/losses are usually from stacking off and quartering someone or being on the receiving end.

  2. pmpoker said

    Most of the PLO8 games I’ve played in have either been wild games where any meaningful pot is all-in or the flop or nitty games where people are trapping.

    I’ve had good results in pot-limit omaha high and limit omaha/8, but I’ve just been unable to figure out my opponents’ hand ranges in PLO8 so I have no idea of where I stand.

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