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Posted by pmpoker on April 27, 2007

gadzooks64 writes about giving up after being desparate in razz.

For people who are used to playing no limit hold em, being short-stacked in limit tournaments is a source of frustration. You don’t have a push-or-fold zone. Towards the end of the tournament, almost everyone has relatively shallow stacks. Five times the big bet may be the average stack. If you’re patient, you gain a lot of value from people who become desparate and push weak hands. This isn’t like no limit, where you are losing a lot of fold equity if you let blinds and antes dwindle your stack. In razz, you can and should let the antes and bring-ins cut your already shallow stack in half if you are getting nothing playable.


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AAxx vs AAxx vs ????

Posted by pmpoker on April 25, 2007

This 2+2 thread asks what is playable all-in preflop against two players who likely both have aces.

One amusing result is that a random hand has a slight equity advantage over two random AAxx hands.

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Biggest Razz Pot Won

Posted by pmpoker on April 23, 2007

Not mine, Fishy McDonk’s. My analysis in the comments to Fishy’s post.

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Back to Blogging

Posted by pmpoker on April 23, 2007

I had some work to do with writing and editing for non-poker stuff, so I had to cut out some activities. I cut back on playing poker a lot, but the real victim was reading/writing blogs. So this blog isn’t dead, it just went on hiatus for a bit, and I’ll start looking for things to post again.

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Eskimo Clark Claims to Have Invented Badugi

Posted by pmpoker on April 10, 2007

According to the Poker Blog from Full Tilt Poker by Michael Craig, as he is at the Bellagio watching Mike Matusow negotiate a mix of games:

Still, there’s no game taking place. The lull gives me a chance to introduce myself to Paul “Eskimo” Clark. He speaks softly, with a Louisiana accent that, in the cacophony of the poker room, could pass for a foreign language. He also doesn’t answer questions in a direct fashion, which I’m fine with. I mentioned who I was, be he doesn’t know me, so I’m pleased to get any response from some stranger I’m bothering in the Bellagio poker room. And by leading me through a maze to answer my one question, I learned some other things.

My question: Where did Badugi come from?

I can translate Eskimo’s 15 minutes on the subject pretty simply: From Paul “Eskimo” Clark.

Here is what else I learned:

*Paul will turn 60 on June 2, 2007, the first day of the World Series of Poker.

*He served in the Army during the Vietnam War.

*He developed the game of Badugi, though he says the proper spelling – he wrote it in my notebook – is p-a-d-u-g-i-e. He gives Yosh Nakano some of the credit/blame for the more common spelling.

*The word means “spotted dog” or “colors” in Korean.

*The triple-draw version of the game is only the most recent. He has compiled a book about the game, which started with a seven-stud version and includes criss-cross, big-L, and little-L versions. He started explaining the nuances of the different forms, but I was lost from the start.

They may never know who invented Texas hold em or be completely sure about why stud poker is called “stud”, but at least someone is taking the credit for introducing badugi. I have no idea what big-L and little-L versions would look like.

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Gary Carson Linked to My Post

Posted by pmpoker on April 5, 2007

Gary Carson noticed me noticing him. Honestly, I didn’t think that Mr. Carson hates Michael Craig. I just thought it was fun to use the construction “x hates pimps” in a post title. Plus, I was looking for something to blog about since I was too depressed about missing the WPBT razz event to do a round-up of posts.

By the way, I recommend The Complete Book of Hold ‘Em Poker, even if it is about hold ’em and mainly about limit. It has one of my favorite poker chapters from any book, “Theories of Poker”. (I also get a kick out of his chapter on pot-limit and no-limit poker.) The sentence “There are many alternative theories of poker, and a complete analysis of the game requires a frequent shifting of theoretical perspective” describes how I would like to think about poker.

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Playing a Maniac in PLO

Posted by pmpoker on April 5, 2007

Mark at Plan3t Gong writes:

The table was 6-max and soon what could only be described as a mainiac of maniacs joined. Now Omaha gets a fair share of raise every hand pre / bet pot on any flop types – but this guy was amazing!!! He followed up with a pot on the turn and another on the river… every time.

After picking up pot after pot after pot he went from $50 to about $120 very quickly, still no let up… there were a couple of additional factors to note. If raised he would usually call a small bet but check / fold the next street with nothing, if raised pre flop he would usually mini-reraise but shut down if he missed the flop.

Now I love cheap flops in PLO but none were available – so time for some serious strategy adjustments. Being seated to the maniacs left was an advangage here but it was a case of going into calling mode with ‘reasonable’ holdings, playing the kind of hands that would not be good enough for a raise in themselves but good enough to hit a flop hard on the odd occasion, think A6Q9 single suited to the A for example.

This meant throwing away a lot of draws after the pot bet on the flop but all worked out on the couple of occasions a flop hit me hard… after that it was a matter of calling the flop and turn pot bets and reraising on the river of required to get the last $ in. All good and a tidy profit for me when the guy eventually went broke.

The biggest pot I have ever won was at a pot-limit omaha table with a maniac who was driving the action so that the average pot was larger than the maximum buy-in. And I called his big bet on the river with a jack-high flush. I had early lost a sizeable pot to him with a ten-high flush to his jack-high flush, but I more than got it back. Since then, I’ve mostly quit playing big-bet poker, but the basic strategy in playing against a maniac or an over-aggressive player remains the same: you check-call them to death. (See the chapter on Heads-Up Theory in The Making of a Poker Player by Matt Matros.)

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Gary Carson Hates Pimps

Posted by pmpoker on April 3, 2007

My favorite poker curmudgeon Gary Carson recently announced that he has removed Michael Craig from his blogroll because Craig has moved from mostly to completely “pimping” for Full Tilt while blogging.

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Sit and Go

Posted by pmpoker on April 3, 2007

Via Terrence Chan, a link to a picture of a product that I may or may not buy.

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