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Gary Carson Linked to My Post

Posted by pmpoker on April 5, 2007

Gary Carson noticed me noticing him. Honestly, I didn’t think that Mr. Carson hates Michael Craig. I just thought it was fun to use the construction “x hates pimps” in a post title. Plus, I was looking for something to blog about since I was too depressed about missing the WPBT razz event to do a round-up of posts.

By the way, I recommend The Complete Book of Hold ‘Em Poker, even if it is about hold ’em and mainly about limit. It has one of my favorite poker chapters from any book, “Theories of Poker”. (I also get a kick out of his chapter on pot-limit and no-limit poker.) The sentence “There are many alternative theories of poker, and a complete analysis of the game requires a frequent shifting of theoretical perspective” describes how I would like to think about poker.


One Response to “Gary Carson Linked to My Post”

  1. Gary Carson said

    That idea about situational poker theories is why I think it’s important to play different games even you you only want to play hold’em. Playing 7 stud or Omaha or high Chicago will all make you a better hold’em player.

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