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Eskimo Clark Claims to Have Invented Badugi

Posted by pmpoker on April 10, 2007

According to the Poker Blog from Full Tilt Poker by Michael Craig, as he is at the Bellagio watching Mike Matusow negotiate a mix of games:

Still, there’s no game taking place. The lull gives me a chance to introduce myself to Paul “Eskimo” Clark. He speaks softly, with a Louisiana accent that, in the cacophony of the poker room, could pass for a foreign language. He also doesn’t answer questions in a direct fashion, which I’m fine with. I mentioned who I was, be he doesn’t know me, so I’m pleased to get any response from some stranger I’m bothering in the Bellagio poker room. And by leading me through a maze to answer my one question, I learned some other things.

My question: Where did Badugi come from?

I can translate Eskimo’s 15 minutes on the subject pretty simply: From Paul “Eskimo” Clark.

Here is what else I learned:

*Paul will turn 60 on June 2, 2007, the first day of the World Series of Poker.

*He served in the Army during the Vietnam War.

*He developed the game of Badugi, though he says the proper spelling – he wrote it in my notebook – is p-a-d-u-g-i-e. He gives Yosh Nakano some of the credit/blame for the more common spelling.

*The word means “spotted dog” or “colors” in Korean.

*The triple-draw version of the game is only the most recent. He has compiled a book about the game, which started with a seven-stud version and includes criss-cross, big-L, and little-L versions. He started explaining the nuances of the different forms, but I was lost from the start.

They may never know who invented Texas hold em or be completely sure about why stud poker is called “stud”, but at least someone is taking the credit for introducing badugi. I have no idea what big-L and little-L versions would look like.


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