Anything But Hold Em

There\’s More to Poker Than Texas Hold Em


Posted by pmpoker on April 27, 2007

gadzooks64 writes about giving up after being desparate in razz.

For people who are used to playing no limit hold em, being short-stacked in limit tournaments is a source of frustration. You don’t have a push-or-fold zone. Towards the end of the tournament, almost everyone has relatively shallow stacks. Five times the big bet may be the average stack. If you’re patient, you gain a lot of value from people who become desparate and push weak hands. This isn’t like no limit, where you are losing a lot of fold equity if you let blinds and antes dwindle your stack. In razz, you can and should let the antes and bring-ins cut your already shallow stack in half if you are getting nothing playable.


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