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TillerMaN Plays 3/6 PLO

Posted by pmpoker on July 25, 2007

TillerMaN thinks about a decision where he is either way ahead or way behind.


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This Ain’t Your Normal Home Game

Posted by pmpoker on July 19, 2007

Bryan Devonshire writes about playing games like five-card no-peek baseball with the likes of John D’Agostino, Dan Druff, and Brian Micon. I’m going to have to dig out my copy of Baseball for Advanced Players by David Sklansky.

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Ribbo’s PLO Video

Posted by pmpoker on July 11, 2007

Post or email him to get a copy of it.

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2+2 Drama

Posted by pmpoker on July 2, 2007

The 2+2 boards were abuzz with the banning of poster Nate. by Mason Malmuth over this thread critical of 2+2 editing quality.

Since the thread is locked and Nate. reinstated, I will give my thoughts here:

Nate. had what I consider a reasonable complaint about 2+2’s mastery of the English language. He is well-respected poster who has been around, so he should have known that Mason Malmuth’s actual response was a reasonably probably response, so either he went in with the understanding that drama was a more likely outcome than Mason Malmuth admitting any flaws in his product or he was strangely naive. I’m not sure which it is.

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