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Which Game Has the Lowest Luck Factor?

Posted by pmpoker on November 20, 2007

Over at 2+2, Ray Zee opines:

least amount of luck may mean least likely to lose during a session. that may not be the same as the games with most amount of skill.

least likely to lose at a session if truely an expert at all the games equally.

five card stud
draw poker
no limit holdem
stud hi-low split
omaha hi low( low on this list because less hands are dealt)
seven stud
limit holdem

this relates to live action as that was the question

Some posters really disagreed with O8 being placed as having less luck involved than stud hi, razz, and limit hold em. A part of me wants to say that they just play wrong and are overaggressive with certain hands, such as lows with no backup.

Another part of me says that Ray Zee’s definition of luck favors game in which straightforward nitty play is rewarded, where your goal is to minimize losses rather than maximize expectation.


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