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Thoughts on HORSE

Posted by pmpoker on December 14, 2007

I think there are basically a few kinds of fish if you are playing HORSE. There are the flop-game fish who are primarily bad at Omaha and Hold Em but play decent at the stud games. There are those are the opposite and play flop games better than stud games. There are those who play the one-way games fairly well, but overvalue high-only hands in the split-pot games. And of course, there are the players who are just horrible at all games.

Lately, I seem to be playing against mostly players who are bad at stud and stud/8. They either respect my tight table image too much and fold too often or don’t respect my tight play enough and call me down too lightly. I’ve noticed that the players who are weak-tight vs me in stud aren’t that way when we get to the hold em rounds.

So, I am warning you that a player who is a hold em LAG isn’t necessarily going to be a LAG at other games. Just as someone can be near-maniacal with preflop raises yet never bluff with turn raises in hold em, so too can someone be super-loose in some games and super-tight in other games. One of the keys to mixed game play is knowing that the fish you wish to exploit the most can vary from game to game.


One Response to “Thoughts on HORSE”

  1. Eric said

    I have ALWAYS found that in a mixed game the percentage of fish goes up simply because there are very few people who can play 4-5 games well. The weak-tight players are my favorite because they let you drive the bus during the hand.

    Anyway, nice post and great blog.


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