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I Hate Asians

Posted by pmpoker on January 11, 2008

Well, okay, no, not really. That would be sort of self-hating. But Gary Carson tries to understand the Crazy Asian Gambler, suggesting that this player is playing the table and not the individual. The Crazy Asian Gambler, in my experience, tends to believe that luck is a predictable quantity. I’ve actually been against an opponent who might show me the nut flush draw and fold for one bet on the flop, then tell me after the river comes that he knew the flush wouldn’t get there, while on another hand, he might cap the flop with a flush draw because he believes it will come in.

I’ve talked to enough Crazy Asian Gamblers to know that they often believe in playing the rush or that certain days are going to be luckier than others. They are very prone to the gambler’s fallacy.


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