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I Don’t Play the Ponies, But I Do Play HORSE

Posted by pmpoker on February 29, 2008

I appear to have beat this poker blogger (I’m guessing it’s him, since my notes say he has played the Mookie) in a $5 HORSE tournament despite being outchipped by about 127K to 32K at the start of heads-up. I got lucky in a few spots, but mostly I’m happy with how I played. One thing about limit tournaments is that it is even more important to give up when you get caught bluffing than it is in cash games. It was a bit more obvious when some of my opponents couldn’t bring themselves to take a bet-fold line with a bluff. It’s really not worth tossing away one-eighth of your stack in an attempt to not appear weak.

I don’t have my lifetime tournament stats, but I suspect that I am a net winner in tournaments that are not no limit hold em and possibly a loser in (bah) NLHE tournaments (the online databases don’t seem to have some of my earlier big wins).


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Doyle Brunson Plays 2-7 Lowball

Posted by pmpoker on February 24, 2008

Texas Dolly describes it:

I found a one hundred dollar ante, three hundred/six hundred blinds, 2-7 lowball game that was really gambling. The six players had between $20,000 and $100,000 each in front of them.

I’m assuming it’s 2-7 no-limit single-draw.

Also, Doyle likes Obama, but wishes we could have Bill back.

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Opinions on Limping Preflop in PLO from the Two Plus Two Forums

Posted by pmpoker on February 19, 2008

Interesting thread here. I’m a bit reminded of David Sklansky in Hold Em Poker for Advanced Players suggesting that an expert player in no limit hold em will play a ton of hands and limp with most of them.

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