Anything But Hold Em

There\’s More to Poker Than Texas Hold Em

High Stakes Lowball

Posted by pmpoker on April 21, 2008

Billy Baxter talks to Card Player Magazine’s Lizzy Harrison:

LH: When you are playing for fun, how do you select the stakes that you play?

BB: Well, I always prefer to play no-limit poker, no matter what game I am playing. Lately, though, around here, there have been a lot of mixed games and lowball games; those are mostly limit. I have been playing $400-$800 and $600-$1,200 at Bellagio lately, mostly those new games like badugi and triple-draw deuce-to-seven. All of those weird games are very popular now.

LH: What are the highest stakes you have ever played?

BB: I have played in what was the biggest game ever, if you compare the value of a dollar in the ’70s to the value of a dollar today. We played no-limit deuce-to-seven with $1,000-$2,000 blinds and a $500 ante. Doyle Brunson, Bobby Baldwin, Major Riddle, and Jimmy Chagra, the infamous drug dealer, all played in that game back in the ’70s seventies. Chagra had deep pockets; he would show up at the poker table with duffle bags full of cash. He always brought his money in duffle bags.

Billy Baxter, in addition to his poker playing that includes seven WSOSP bracelets (4 in deuce-to-seven no-limit, all in some form of lowball), is known as a backer for the late Stu Ungar, who got burned by some drug-induced no-shows. Major Riddle, whose first name was actually Major (if I recall correctly) was the owner of the Dunes. Jimmy Chagra appears in A. Alvarez’s The Biggest Game In Town, gambling millions while awaiting trial for murder in Texas.


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