Anything But Hold Em

There\’s More to Poker Than Texas Hold Em

Raison D’être

I'm tired of the poker buzz being all about Texas hold em, especially no-limit Texas hold em, and especially tournaments. I'll still play hold em, but it's time to fight back and show that there is more to poker than hold em.


5 Responses to “Raison D’être”

  1. Greg said

    I am interested in advertising on your blog, When you get back in town please email me if you are interesed and what prices you may have.


  2. Hi, great blog. I´ve had it a bit with Texas Holdem as well. I rarely play live because the casinos here in The Netherlands only offer that game and as for home games, everyone I know also plays nothing else.

    I love Omaha and especially pot limit Omaha, so I started a blog about that and I try to do a podcast about it (which is harder than I thought, but we´ll see).

    Anyway, you have a new reader and I´ll promote you with the Ante Up! crowd, a poker blogs and podcast that also does all poker games (

  3. Mitchell said

    This is great…another blog with some Razz info. I’m linking you to my Razz blog right now.


  4. AKQJ10 said

    Just discovered your blog for whatever reason, and now it seems defunct since May ’08. Too bad. Hope you’ll come back!

  5. Jessica said


    A nice blog! I am interested in placing a text link on it. Please drop me a mail with the annual quote.



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