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Some 30/60 Stud/8 Hands

Posted by pmpoker on August 6, 2007

Bill King posts some hands from an online session on Pokerstars. No commentary, though one can see why he was sad to cut his session short.


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Some California Lowball and Mississippi Stud/8

Posted by pmpoker on March 27, 2007

Via Mark Gritter, a trip report by ts4z that includes some Mississippi Stud/8 and California lowball.

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When Did Stud Hi-Lo Add a Qualifier?

Posted by pmpoker on February 28, 2007

In the 2+2 archives, Jason asks a question that I’ve always wondered about: when did stud hi-lo add the 8 qualifier, and why was an 8 chosen.

Ray Zee responds:

once the people that played for high dried up the game was over. it also only takes a few times for someone to show kkk wired and fold for the bring in to convince everyone but those that want to just play tight that its no longer a game. any game that allows players to sit and only play giant hands is doomed. when the qualifier was put in (late 70’s) a whole new world of action developed. i dont know the exact reason why it was 8 and not 7or9 but ive played all three and 8 gave the best mix. seven was too hard to make a low and 9 was too easy and made it harder to read hands.

What I really want to know is what inspired someone to put in a qualifier. Can anyone claim to have invented stud hi-lo with a qualifier? Was it analogous to another game? What came first, Omaha/8 or stud/8?

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I’m Really Not Sure How to Interpret This

Posted by pmpoker on February 13, 2007

Mason Malmuth from the 2+2 Archives:

. . . stud 8 or better plays more like pot limit than any other form of limit poker. In addition, there is probably more luck associated with the last card than with any other game. My guess is that unless you are highly skilled, you can probably swing more than you think is possible.

I can’t figure out how stud/8 plays more like pot limit than any other form of limit poker, but then again I can’t figure out how it wouldn’t. This is a response to a question about expectation and bankroll requirements, but I don’t think he is talking about bankroll. I suppose it could be about the greater skill required to build a big pot. Of course, he could also be saying that tight and nitty play is the best strategy for a loose game.

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A Stud/8 Fish Asks RGP

Posted by pmpoker on August 29, 2006

John A. Fish goes to for help on a stud/8 hand.

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SirFWALGMan Plays Stud/8

Posted by pmpoker on August 26, 2006

SirFWALGMan makes a monster draw that doesn’t get there. My thoughts can be found in his comments.

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From the 2+2 Archives: Ray Zee on the Difference Between Seven Card Stud Ring Games and Tournaments

Posted by pmpoker on July 24, 2006

Ray Zee says:

The biggest difference in 7 stud tournaments from ring games is that in tournaments less hands go to the river. Since most pots are won very early stealing antes and small pots are crucial to coming in the money. Tournaments are a great way to learn and are profitable due to the large number of bad players that enter tournaments trying for a shot at the big money for a small investment

Ray Zee also says about stud/8 tournaments vs ring games:

In 7 hi/lo 8 or better, low hands win the most money as high hands too often fold incorrectly when scare cards come. All low hands have scoop potenial as two pair is the hand that scoops most often heads-up. In tournaments you win the most chips by running off your opponents as they tend to protect their chips way too much.

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A bunch of Stud/8 hand histories

Posted by pmpoker on June 19, 2006

Mark Gritter posts a bunch of hand histories.

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Sklansky on the Availability of Stud 8

Posted by pmpoker on April 4, 2006

From the 2+2 November 1997 Archive Digest:

The answer is probably because the game is so much more technical than psychological. Thus intuitive non- technicians lose quickly and have no fun. (Omaha hi-lo also puts a premium on technical skill but at least in that game it is a lot easier to get lucky playing hands you shouldn’t.) Any game that doesn’t give weak players a decent chance to win in the short run, (No Limit Holdem being another example) is usually hard to find.

Sklansky ended up wrong about no limit (bah) hold em, but perhaps only because someone invented capped buy-in games. Good poker games strike up a balance between gambling and skill. People with skill usually aren’t going to win a lot if they can’t occasionally gamble. (See weak-tight.)

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