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WSOP Event #8: Mixed Championship

Posted by pmpoker on May 22, 2008

Poker Shrink notes this 10K buy-in event on the WSOP schedule.

I was looking over the schedules for all the tournaments in Las Vegas this summer and I came across an event I had overlooked when the World Series schedule first came out. On June 4th, World Championship Mixed Event appears on the WSOP schedule. A ten thousand dollar buy-in event, this one has missed a lot of media coverage, which it will definitely get when it is played over the three days (6/4-6/6). Unlike the Mixed Hold’em events which are No Limit and Limit Hold’em or the H.O.R.S.E. events made up of five events: Limit Hold’em, Omaha8, Razz, Stud and Stud8; the World Championship Mixed Event is made up of eight different poker games.

There will be two Mixed Hold’em tournaments this summer ($5,000 and $1,500) and three H.O.R.S.E. events ($3,000, $1,500 and $50,000) but only one $10,000 Mixed Event with all eight games.

Games in order for the Mixed Event will be:

Triple Draw Deuce to Seven Lowball
Limit Hold’em
Omaha 8 or better
Seven Card Stud
Stud 8 or better
No Limit Hold’em
Pot Limit Omaha

The game changes every eight hands. Levels are 60 minutes. There are three different blind structures for each level to accomodate the different games.

Basically, it’s HORSE + Triple draw + NLHE + PLO. Sounds interesting.


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I Don’t Play the Ponies, But I Do Play HORSE

Posted by pmpoker on February 29, 2008

I appear to have beat this poker blogger (I’m guessing it’s him, since my notes say he has played the Mookie) in a $5 HORSE tournament despite being outchipped by about 127K to 32K at the start of heads-up. I got lucky in a few spots, but mostly I’m happy with how I played. One thing about limit tournaments is that it is even more important to give up when you get caught bluffing than it is in cash games. It was a bit more obvious when some of my opponents couldn’t bring themselves to take a bet-fold line with a bluff. It’s really not worth tossing away one-eighth of your stack in an attempt to not appear weak.

I don’t have my lifetime tournament stats, but I suspect that I am a net winner in tournaments that are not no limit hold em and possibly a loser in (bah) NLHE tournaments (the online databases don’t seem to have some of my earlier big wins).

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Tell Fossilman He Sucks at PLO

Posted by pmpoker on September 26, 2007

Just kidding. But Greg Raymer has made available hand histories from his win in an online pot-limit omaha tournament (PokerStars’ World Championship of Online Poker Event #6, $320 PLO with rebuys).

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Relative and Asolute Position in PLO

Posted by pmpoker on August 16, 2007

Mark at Plan3t Gong continues his series on PLO SNGs.

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The WSOP Is Lame

Posted by pmpoker on June 30, 2007

Or at least the $1000 2-7 Triple Draw tournament was, according to Terrence Chan.

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Fishy McDonk’s Razz Tournament Strategy

Posted by pmpoker on March 16, 2007

Fishy McDonk has a Razz MTT Strategy Post,

While I can’t say that I agree with everything written (for example, I disagree with “usually” calling a bet on fourth when you brick), I think that most players I see would benefit from reading this.

Part of the play here has to do with understanding how to play in multi-way pots against loose players. This is one situation where weak-tight is fairly close to correct strategy. If people are limping in with face cards showing, you should still raise to punish those players, but if you are in a spot where the playability of your hand changes greatly depending upon what you catch on fourth street, you should consider waiting until fourth or later to put get raises in.

In razz tournaments, I will ram and jam if there is a maniac who is just giving away money, and you should, too, because you’re not going to get a better spot for racking up chips. But if your opponents are more sedate, you should consider waiting a bit before you push your good hands hard, so you can see what type of player you are up against. Sometimes, you catch hands where you have no choice but to bet. Other times,

One important consideration in tournament strategy is that you should avoid some of the marginal +EV spots that you would play in a cash game. I’m not a big fan of defending your bring-in in razz, although there are some opponents against whom you can consider it, but to whatever extent that you do make that play, you should do it less in a tournament than in a cash game. Sure, your opponents may be stealing more, but it’s going to hurt you a lot more in a tournament those times that you keep catching just enough to stay in vs. a player who actually has a hand.

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Lolaschaubs: Start and finish with Pocket Queens

Posted by pmpoker on March 5, 2007

Schaubs plays in a half-hold em, half-omaha tournament. I think I read half the post.

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WPBT Event #2 Pot-Limit Omaha Round-Up

Posted by pmpoker on February 28, 2007

Biggestron has the WPBT 2007 standings updated through event #2.

In general, most bloggers seem to be saying that they hate pot-limit omaha or are not good at it or some other variatation on PLO not being their game. I play PLO cash games more often than I do NLHE. I think that this tournament was hurt by not being double-stacked, the way that most PLO tournaments are on Full Tilt. You basically have to choose your spot and try to get it all-in preflop or on the flop when you decide to go. My strategy going in was to play somewhat weak-tight at the outset, getting involved in few pots, trying to get in for a limp, and playing a bit passive until I could get a read on my opponents. With a larger starting stack size, I would gamble a bit more and see more flops. Of course, I also got zero cards at the outset.

I ended up finishing sixth in what I think was my first WPBT tournament. I got knocked out on the turn with an overpair and a gutshot vs top two pair. I had KK9x in the big blind in a raised pot. The flop came a raggy Jxx. I check-called, planning to get it all in on the turn unless it was a jack or an ace. The turn came a queen, my opponent had AQJT or something similar, and I didn’t improve. I can’t remember if I check-raised or bet out on the turn. My hand was too good to fold against a possible steal, but I didn’t really like pushing pre-flop. In my mind, I am debating whether or not I made the correct decision to delay my raise until the turn. I think that my opponent doesn’t fold to a check-raise with top pair and two overcards on the flop, so I think that I save some money by waiting for a safe card.

Here are some posts on the tournament by other bloggers. A few bloggers out there don’t have RSS feeds enabled, so I’m sorry, but I’m just not reading you.

-Mattazuma admits to getting lucky and being hit with the deck in his win.
-Runner-up Schaubs also admitted to being inexperienced.
-Third-place Columbo followed a sound basic strategy on the way to cashing.
-Don Morris finished 9th despite noting that he would ” rather listen to K-Fed on infinite repeat than play PLO.”
-Fishy McDonk lived up to his name, writing “I ended up being way too fishy and crippling myself early.”
-PokahDave thinks that he committed the cardinal sin in PLO. (I disagree somewhat. It is less of a sin in tournaments, depending on stack size.)

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An Omaha Tournament Hand

Posted by pmpoker on February 1, 2007

Jason Kirk asks about a tournament spot in a PLO tournament. He limped with Kd-Jd-Tc-3s in middle position and bet the flop of Qd-9d-2h and the turn Ks (all-in) before losing to a flush on the river.

Preflop is probably a mistake, but it is not a huge mistake and the table composition of players who are loose and passive preflop makes it not as bad as it could be, although it is still a hand out of position. The flop and turn is correct. That’s the sort of flop you are hoping for with your hand. You should probably prefer it to top two pair in a multiway pot.

By the way, I think that the villain in this hand, who flopped top pair plus the nut flush draw, probably made a mistake by not pushing all-in on the flop.

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Oh dear God

Posted by pmpoker on December 6, 2006

Two words: Turbo razz

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