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Recap: Ante Up podcast Episode 150 (4-25-08)

Posted by pmpoker on April 27, 2008

A fun little podcast:

-talk about Hold Em Plus, where players can replace one card for a fee (one dollar at 3/6)
-discussion of the PPA, including voter registration
-will be on Rounders Radio on Saturdays, will start posting on Thursdays
-talk about AIPS
-Ante Up meet-up
-Glen Chorny’s ET win
-Ante Up license plate
-local tournament at Hard Rock
-Florida poker legislation, including allowing 24-hour days on weekends
-Columbo’s Two-Minute Mystery: The Case of the Bad Moon Rising – bubble of a 6-max tournament
-APL/WPT National Championship
-Poker boot camp – Howard Lederer has plans to listen to the show after criticism, bowling lessons for Paul Wasicka
-Interview with co-founder Steve Berman
-Interview with boot camp instructor (who designed the camp’s cash game curriculum) and Bluff magazine columnist Nick Brancato
-the hosts can’t multi-table online
-praise for the poker lab experience
-audio hand of the week
-talk about trying to get paid off with big hands
-a badugi session

The best part is probably the interview with Nick Brancato, who talks about his poker career path. The badugi session, taking up the last fifteen minutes or so (and rightfully put after the proper end of the pokercast), is rambling and confusing. It might be worth listening if you’re intensely curious about badugi, but I couldn’t listen to the whole thing. You should definitely listen, though, if you have ever thought about going to one of those poker camps.


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Pot Odds in Omaha Hi/Lo

Posted by pmpoker on April 15, 2008

Falstaff at PokerStage writes:

So in essence what I’ve saying is this – when you have a hand that is only going for half the pot on your best day, you need double the pot odds to make a call in O8 that you need in Hold ‘Em, since you’re only going to get half the money. So if you are like me, drunk and stupid and calling off on a flush draw thinking 4-1 is good odds, you actually need 8-1, because the low cuts the pot in half. Just something to think about in a rare and exceedingly elementary strategy post from the Falstaff homegame.

While the notion that you need better odds to call when you might win half the pot is correct, requiring double the pots odds is incorrect. Part of that is because, if you are facing possible low draws, you might make your hand with a card that doesn’t make a low possible. For example, if you have AJT9 on a KQ83 rainbow board, you might split the pot with a low if you make the nut straight with an ace on the river, but any jack, ten, or nine giving you the nuts means that no low is possible. So, you have to discount your odds, but not really that much, especially since an ace might counterfeit an opponent going low with no back-up (and possibly giving that opponent aces up, which some omaha/8 players have a hard time folding).

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Omaha Declare Problem

Posted by pmpoker on April 8, 2008

This Noted Poker Authority message board thread on playing Omaha high-low declare has a question about what happens when you declare for both ends and split one of them. Having no experience in declare games, I have no idea, but as people note, it is best to know the rules in advance.

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Opinions on Limping Preflop in PLO from the Two Plus Two Forums

Posted by pmpoker on February 19, 2008

Interesting thread here. I’m a bit reminded of David Sklansky in Hold Em Poker for Advanced Players suggesting that an expert player in no limit hold em will play a ton of hands and limp with most of them.

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TillerMaN Plays 3/6 PLO

Posted by pmpoker on July 25, 2007

TillerMaN thinks about a decision where he is either way ahead or way behind.

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Ed Miller on Limit Omaha High Starting Hands

Posted by pmpoker on May 2, 2007

MIller writes:

In a loose limit Omaha high-only game, you’re basically looking to flop one of three things after the flop: a wrap straight draw (or straight), a nut flush draw (or nut flush), or a big set.

I’m not experienced in limit omaha high, but that’s probably how I would play it.

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Posted by pmpoker on April 27, 2007

gadzooks64 writes about giving up after being desparate in razz.

For people who are used to playing no limit hold em, being short-stacked in limit tournaments is a source of frustration. You don’t have a push-or-fold zone. Towards the end of the tournament, almost everyone has relatively shallow stacks. Five times the big bet may be the average stack. If you’re patient, you gain a lot of value from people who become desparate and push weak hands. This isn’t like no limit, where you are losing a lot of fold equity if you let blinds and antes dwindle your stack. In razz, you can and should let the antes and bring-ins cut your already shallow stack in half if you are getting nothing playable.

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Back to Blogging

Posted by pmpoker on April 23, 2007

I had some work to do with writing and editing for non-poker stuff, so I had to cut out some activities. I cut back on playing poker a lot, but the real victim was reading/writing blogs. So this blog isn’t dead, it just went on hiatus for a bit, and I’ll start looking for things to post again.

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Gary Carson Linked to My Post

Posted by pmpoker on April 5, 2007

Gary Carson noticed me noticing him. Honestly, I didn’t think that Mr. Carson hates Michael Craig. I just thought it was fun to use the construction “x hates pimps” in a post title. Plus, I was looking for something to blog about since I was too depressed about missing the WPBT razz event to do a round-up of posts.

By the way, I recommend The Complete Book of Hold ‘Em Poker, even if it is about hold ’em and mainly about limit. It has one of my favorite poker chapters from any book, “Theories of Poker”. (I also get a kick out of his chapter on pot-limit and no-limit poker.) The sentence “There are many alternative theories of poker, and a complete analysis of the game requires a frequent shifting of theoretical perspective” describes how I would like to think about poker.

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Gary Carson Hates Pimps

Posted by pmpoker on April 3, 2007

My favorite poker curmudgeon Gary Carson recently announced that he has removed Michael Craig from his blogroll because Craig has moved from mostly to completely “pimping” for Full Tilt while blogging.

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