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Doyle Brunson Plays 2-7 Lowball

Posted by pmpoker on February 24, 2008

Texas Dolly describes it:

I found a one hundred dollar ante, three hundred/six hundred blinds, 2-7 lowball game that was really gambling. The six players had between $20,000 and $100,000 each in front of them.

I’m assuming it’s 2-7 no-limit single-draw.

Also, Doyle likes Obama, but wishes we could have Bill back.


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Opinions on Limping Preflop in PLO from the Two Plus Two Forums

Posted by pmpoker on February 19, 2008

Interesting thread here. I’m a bit reminded of David Sklansky in Hold Em Poker for Advanced Players suggesting that an expert player in no limit hold em will play a ton of hands and limp with most of them.

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Lee Jones Hearts Rolf Slotboom

Posted by pmpoker on January 20, 2008

Lee Jones writes on how reading a book influenced his play on a couple of hands.

If I were ever in a position to be a professional poker player, I think I might spend at least 20 hours per month studying poker.

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Um Wow

Posted by pmpoker on January 16, 2008

There’s a a razz poker blog out there.

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I Hate Asians

Posted by pmpoker on January 11, 2008

Well, okay, no, not really. That would be sort of self-hating. But Gary Carson tries to understand the Crazy Asian Gambler, suggesting that this player is playing the table and not the individual. The Crazy Asian Gambler, in my experience, tends to believe that luck is a predictable quantity. I’ve actually been against an opponent who might show me the nut flush draw and fold for one bet on the flop, then tell me after the river comes that he knew the flush wouldn’t get there, while on another hand, he might cap the flop with a flush draw because he believes it will come in.

I’ve talked to enough Crazy Asian Gamblers to know that they often believe in playing the rush or that certain days are going to be luckier than others. They are very prone to the gambler’s fallacy.

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Thoughts on HORSE

Posted by pmpoker on December 14, 2007

I think there are basically a few kinds of fish if you are playing HORSE. There are the flop-game fish who are primarily bad at Omaha and Hold Em but play decent at the stud games. There are those are the opposite and play flop games better than stud games. There are those who play the one-way games fairly well, but overvalue high-only hands in the split-pot games. And of course, there are the players who are just horrible at all games.

Lately, I seem to be playing against mostly players who are bad at stud and stud/8. They either respect my tight table image too much and fold too often or don’t respect my tight play enough and call me down too lightly. I’ve noticed that the players who are weak-tight vs me in stud aren’t that way when we get to the hold em rounds.

So, I am warning you that a player who is a hold em LAG isn’t necessarily going to be a LAG at other games. Just as someone can be near-maniacal with preflop raises yet never bluff with turn raises in hold em, so too can someone be super-loose in some games and super-tight in other games. One of the keys to mixed game play is knowing that the fish you wish to exploit the most can vary from game to game.

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Heads Up Stud Bots?

Posted by pmpoker on December 7, 2007

Over at 2+2, wahoo73 wonders if there are bots playing stud online.

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Nut Peddling in PLO/8

Posted by pmpoker on November 28, 2007

Buzz, one of the more gifted posters at 2+2, write a basic description of nut peddling in PLO/8.

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Which Game Has the Lowest Luck Factor?

Posted by pmpoker on November 20, 2007

Over at 2+2, Ray Zee opines:

least amount of luck may mean least likely to lose during a session. that may not be the same as the games with most amount of skill.

least likely to lose at a session if truely an expert at all the games equally.

five card stud
draw poker
no limit holdem
stud hi-low split
omaha hi low( low on this list because less hands are dealt)
seven stud
limit holdem

this relates to live action as that was the question

Some posters really disagreed with O8 being placed as having less luck involved than stud hi, razz, and limit hold em. A part of me wants to say that they just play wrong and are overaggressive with certain hands, such as lows with no backup.

Another part of me says that Ray Zee’s definition of luck favors game in which straightforward nitty play is rewarded, where your goal is to minimize losses rather than maximize expectation.

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Basic Hand Reading in PLO

Posted by pmpoker on October 9, 2007

Over at Plan3t Gong, Mark lists some things to look for in your opponents’ betting patterns when playing pot-limit omaha.

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